Verbier Life Magazine Features Drysure Extreme

Verbier Life Magazine are the latest media outlet to review Drysure, with a feature on our Extreme product published in their April edition. 
At a time in the season when then snow gets a little slushy and feet are more prone to sweating, as temperatures increase. Drysure Extreme is the perfect way to ensure your ski boots stay dry fro that fresh feeling day after day. 
Check out the full review by Verbier Life below and click here to read the full e-edition online:
"Drysure is an eco-friendly boot-and-shoe drying product designed to dry out footwear for people who love outdoor pursuits. It will dry footwear 12 times faster than traditional air-drying, and helps prevent feet against fungi and bacteria. There's no need for batteries or electricity and Drysure can be reused multiple times, so it is great for the environment. Inside each Drysure are specially-designed silica oxide bead bags which target areas like the toe and heel where sweat and moisture builds up. They are designed to absorb up to ten days of sweat or moisture before they need reactivating. This is simply done by leaving the Drysure's on a warm or hot radiator, putting them on a windowsill in direct sunlight or removing the outer shell and popping the bead bags in the oven. Drysure comes in two designs: Drysure Active for running, cycling and golf shoes, and low ankle walking boots; and Drysure Extreme for ski, snowboard, wellington and motorbike boots. For more information, go to www.drysure.co"Drysure in Verbier Life  

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