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'Clever Gadgets You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without" by Flybe inflight magazine December edition

Drysure is an eco-friendly boot-and-shoe drying product designed to dry out footwear for people who love outdoor pursuits.

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"Trending Tech" by Morzine Source Magazine - Winter 17/18

We are delighted to have been featured in this season's edition of Source Magazine in Morzine. The editors have been testing Drysure in the early part of this season and this is what they have they to say.

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Patrick Thorne at IN THE SNOW MAGAZINE has done a review of Drysure Boot and Shoe dryers. Click here to read what he has said.

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Drysure has been featured in the LoveSki.com's 10 Must Have's for 2017/18 Winter - read more to see what they had to say.


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The Wait is Over, Winter is Here!

Time to start thinking about going skiing again I think! Well that is if you haven't started already. 

With the Summer months fast disappearing behind the shorter days and the chillier mornings it can only mean one thing which is "Winter Is Coming"! (sorry i could not help myself.) The silver lining behind this is that the 7-8 months of the Northern Hemisphere Ski Season is starting or about to.

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L’outil indispensable ❄️ pour le ski ❄️ : Drysure Extreme

Dans le paysage alpin, Totalbuzz à fait un petit tour de vos chaussure et à trouvé l'outil ultime pour les skieur. Vous êtes intéressés? Oui ? Alors allons-y !

L’ennemi des chaussures mouillés

Avez vous déjà ressentit ce plaisir au moment d’enfiler vos chaussures de skis avant connaitre la décente aux enfers en sentant qu’elles étaient mouillés ? Ce sentiment pourrait bien disparaître grâce aux Drysure Exterme, un petit gadget pas très cher qui se glisse dans vos chaussure et combat l’humidité à la source.

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How to dry wet running shoes and walking boots

Many of us all been caught out by the rain in the past I'm sure, whether it be running to and from work or having a lovely weekend of walking and hiking in the countryside for it to be ruined by the wet weather.

One of the biggest casualties of this wet weather is that your footwear will probably get incredibly wet and the ability to dry your running shoes, trainers, and walking boots is made much harder in summer if you have traditionally dried your footwear by the radiatior*. (WHICH I might add that at Drysure HQ we do not recommend at all, as it is bad for your footwear but we will address this later in the year when the radiators are beginning to be turned back on. 


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Glacier Skiing in Austria - Summer and Early Winter Guide

As we head into the Summer months there are there are those that can't wait to be lying by a pool or beach but there are many people who are longing for more skiing and snowboarding and can't wait until the winter 2016/17 season starts. With this is mind we at Drysure HQ have decided to create a Glacier Skiing Guide of where to go when winter is not here.

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Drysure Extreme - one of the best new products this season

Drysure is over the moon that it has been selected as one of the best new products this season by The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Magazine's Cat Weakley.

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Last Order Dates for Christmas 2016

There is still time to order your Drysure in time for Christmas no matter where you are - See last order dates for your country below:

United Kingdom

2pm on Thursday 22nd December 2016

USA, Canada & European Orders

Parcelforce Global Express ----- Monday 19th December 

If you have any special requests please Email Us at Hello@Drysure.co.uk