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Drysure Active Shoe Dryers are excellent at drying all types of shoes including, running shoes, cycling shoes and golf shoes.

They are proven to be 12x more effective at drying than normal air drying.

Drysure Active Shoe Dryers improve your personal foot hygiene by reducing bacteria and fungal growth which in turn has a positive effect on your feet. Not only will they feel better but they will smell much better too.

And because Drysure Active Shoe Dryers do not use heat they do not damage the material that your footwear is made of by over drying. This is particularly important with leather golf shoes but also over drying running shoes is bad as they too will fall apart.

But one of the most important abilities that Drysure Active Shoe Dryers have is that they can be used without electricity means they can dry boots anywhere, anytime which is perfect for drying in the car.

  • Trainers,
  • Cycling Shoes,
  • Golfers Shoes,
  • Walking Boots
  • Work Boots
  • Any other footwear that gets damp or sweaty.
  • The perfect shoe dryer on the go. 
  • Fits UK Size 6.5 upwards
  • Smaller size arriving in June 2017
"Drysure is a game changer. I no longer have to suffer damp and soggy trainers, they are always perfectly dry after a night with a pair of Drysures in them. A great purchase." Tom, February 2016
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