Glacier Skiing in Austria - Summer and Early Winter Guide

As we head into the Summer months there are there are those that can't wait to be lying by a pool or beach but there are many people who are longing for more skiing and snowboarding and can't wait until the winter 2016/17 season starts. With this is mind we at Drysure HQ have decided to create a Glacier Skiing Guide of where to go when winter is not here. Austria.

1. Hintertux (see photo above) - this is Austria's only 365 days ski resort these days due to global warming. The glacier has some of the most challenging glacier skiing the Alps has to offer and in early summer you are still able to ski down to 2600m so the vertical drop is a very reasonable 650m. The highest point on the glacier is 3,250. Stay in Mayrhofen which is a bigger ski resort down the valley as there is a good range of hotels, restaurants and bars.

Open All Year Round

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2. Kaprun - This glacier towers above lake at Zell am See and is positioned on the slopes of the Kitzsteinhorn mountain. The glacier offers some lovely wide glacier skiing and the season is the incredibly long running into late July. The slopes are served by a very modern lift system so you won't be waiting long to get up the mountain. The surrounding area is beautiful and there are numerous activities you can do once the slopes close. 

Open October to July 24th 2016 - Reopens  in October 2016

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3. Dachstein - Positioned on the highest mountain in Styria at 2,710m it is the lowest glacier in Austria and because of that has a very hit a miss summer skiing calendar. The glacier is best for those that want some mountain air and a short journey from Salzburg. Saying that there are a couple of runs and freeride park so if you want to try somewhere new then head to Dachstein.

Dachstein Glacier

Open Now - Check the website below.

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4. Kaunertal - This glacier is situated in Tyrol on the Austrian/Italian border and has also has an incredibly long ski season. The resort maybe small but that makes the glacier a lot quieter than many of the others so it feels like you are on you own at 3000m.

Open September to June 

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5. Pitzal - This glacier is just round the corner from Kaunertal so if winter is just too far away then you could always head to Tyrol in September / Early October and start your winter then. The glacier is Austria's highest at 3,440m and has the country's highest cafe which is open all year round. The ski area is not huge but it is interesting and it is very good for race training. 

Open September to May 

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5. Stubai - This is one of Austria's best known glaciers and it is not down on the list for any reason. This glacier is very close to Innsbruck which make a perfect weekend skiing weekend glacier. It has a long season until the end of May and opens again mid September. There are some challenging runs on the glacier and it is definitely worth a visit. 

Open September to May

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6. Molltaler  - And I save hidden gem until for the last one. Molltaler is Carinthia’s exclusive glacier ski resort. Located on its own near Spittal the glacier has skiing until Mid May when there is a short pause for maintenance and then reopens Mid June. The skiing progressively opens up as more snow arrives but because the highest point is 3,122m there is always well groomed pistes to be found.

Open Mid June to Mid May - a one month break in between for maintenance.

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One of our stockists, Tallington Lakes Pro Shop, has written a very detailed review of Drysure after using them for 50 days in Vail, Colorado. Here are a couple of key comments from the review:

"After using them for almost 50 days on the mountains I can’t believe how well they have worked at drying my boots over night, at room temperature, and most importantly the odour reduction of my boots. My boots smell fresher after 50 days skiing with Drysure than a week’s skiing with conventional drying."

"For a relatively inexpensive item, that will easily fit in your boots whilst travelling, I will never fly anywhere without my Drysure Boot Dryers again."


Written by Arran - Boot Fitter at Tallington Lake Pro Shop



Awarded "Gear of the Year Award 2017" by 50 Campfires

Drysure Extreme and Active Dryers have been awarded the Gear of The Year Award by 50 CAMPFIRES. 

This is what Nick and the 50 Campfires Team had to say about Drysure:

One of the lessons we learned this year is once you travel with boot/shoe dryers as of your basic essentials kits - you'll never want to be without them again. The difference between pulling on damp, clammy boots or shoes in the morning versus fresh, dry footwear can set the tone for the entire day. And when have limited vacation time, you don't want to risk any.

Drysure works anywhere. You simply put them in your boots and go to bed. in the morning, they've sucked the moisture from your footwear so you'll have happy feet. You stow them and move on to your next location. They are proven to be 12 times more effective than air drying along, while requiring no heat or power source of any kind. Just recharge them in an oven every half dozen dryings or so. They can be reused to dry boots hundreds of times.

In addition to providing the comfort of dry footwear, they extend the life of expensive boots by many times. They work in any kind of footwear from ski boots to hiking boots to trail shoes.... to even your work shoes. That makes Drysure and optimal piece of town to trail gear, which is what we love most!

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Drysure has been featured in the's 10 Must Have's for 2017/18 Winter here is what they had to say:

Drysure Ski Boot Dryers in a row

"Getting your ski boots dry doesn’t seem to be the problem it was years ago. More and more properties have heated boot rooms and many of them special boot drying racks. But innovators are still coming up with new ideas to get boots dry which can be handy if you find you’re not in a place with good boot driers.  One such great new idea is marketed as ‘Drysure’ a device you drop in to your wet boots where its silica oxide beads get to work and amazingly absorb the moisture. The manufacturers say they’re actually a safer way to dry your boots than heat, especially if you have heat moulded foot beds and shells."

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DRYSURE - Editors Pick - Flybe Inflight Magazine


Drysure is an eco-friendly boot-and-shoe drying product designed to dry out footwear for people who love outdoor pursuits. It will dry footwear 12 times faster than traditional air drying, and help prevent feet against fungi and bacteria.

There's no need for batteries or electricity and Drysure can be reused multiple times, so is great for the environment. Inside each Drysure are specially-designed silica oxide beads bags which target areas like the toe and heel where sweat and moisture builds up. They are designed to absorb up to 10 days of sweat or moisture before they need reactivating. This is simply done by leaving the Drysures on a warm or hot radiator, putting them on a windowsill in direct sunlight  or removing the outer shell and popping the bead bags in the oven. 

Drysure comes in two designs:

Drysure Active for running, cycling and golf shoes and low ankle walking boots; and

Drysure Extreme for ski, snowboard, wellington and motorbike boots.

Active, £25; Extreme £30

"Trending Tech" by Morzine Source Magazine - Winter 17/18

Drysure boot dryers are amazing. Fact. Not only will they dry out your ski or snowboard boots overnight and make them less stinky, they'll do it all without the need for any electricity! 

Drysure Extreme Boot Dryer have been featured in Morzine's Source Magazine winter 2017 & 2018

These low-bulk contraptions are easy to fir in your suitcase and can be used effectively pretty. much anywhere. But how does it work?

Well, each drier consists of a glossy plastic outer shell that slides easily into your boot and encases a mesh sack of silica gel beads. Silica beads are ultra-absorbent and draw all the moisture out of your liners before stinky bacteria starts to grow, leaving your boots feeling dry the next time you put them on. Each bead sack can absorb unto a week's worth of moisture before it needs to be properly dried out., which can be done on a low temperature in the oven or by leaving them out in the sun. Total genius.

We love them.

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Drysure is a start-up brand that makes shoe and boot dryers, using a unique design that allows moisture to be absorbed from your damp or sweaty ski boots twelve times faster than regular air drying.

Whilst most ski boot dryers use batteries or electricity, Drysure has no power source and can be reused over and over again, making the product a more sustainable option compared to alternative ski boot dryers that typically require a power source.

Drysure comes in two designs, “Active” for low ankle footwear like running or cycling shoes and “Extreme” for ski and snowboard boots.

Drysure Extreme can absorb up to 10 days of sweat and moisture before needing to be re-activated, whilst Drysure Active has 7 days, meaning the amount of energy saved creates a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to other ski boot dryers.

Founder of Drysure, James Robbins says, “when developing Drysure, sustainability was a key factor both from a practical side and from an ethical perspective. We all love winter and in creating a product connected with winter sports, it was important for me that Drysure should be sustainable.”

In addition to providing a non-electrical solution to footwear drying, the product provides a hygienic benefit by helping to reduce fungal growth.

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